June 22

Celtic Connexion at South Street Baptist Church – Prayers for Healing and Peace



Each month we hold a Celtic style service at South Street Baptist Church, often using prayers and songs from the Iona Community. In July, we are using the service of prayers for healing used each week in Iona Abbey off the West coast of Scotland. Iona is truly beautiful but is a long way away! We offer this service of prayer seeking God’s nearness and peace a little closer to home.

This service will be on Thursday 5th July at 6 pm in South Street Baptist Church – it lasts for around half an hour. From around 5.45 pm we will practice some of the songs we will use in the service – these are the shorter songs published by the Iona Community often using folk melodies. Although short, these songs help us focus on the God who brings to us his peace through the touch of his Spirit.

In this service we do not determine how God may touch our lives but simply open our lives to his presence, trusting that in his love God will bring to us comfort, strength and hope. For some, God may bring a healing touch, freeing from pain or hurt, for others it may be the strength to carry on despite our wounds. We do not know how God may answer our prayers but we trust he will truly be alongside and with us.

During the service, there is opportunity to seek God’s healing and peace or to offer the name of someone we wish to pray for. You can leave the names of people you would like prayer for (or your own) in a box in the reception area of the Centre. You can also send the names of people you want us to pray for – go to our chaplaincy page and follow the email link; their telephone number is also there.

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