March 22

Coronavirus Outbreak Update 22 March 2020



The UK government has now told all cafes, etc to close and asked us not to make any unnecessary journeys. We have all been asked to socially distance ourselves from one another in order to slow the spread of COVID-19 and to help prevent our brilliant NHS from being overwhelmed. Sadly, this now means that the Palace Gate Centre must close until the situation eases. This is really hard for us as we have managed to stay open for you through fire, flood and snow, but to protect us all and especially those most vulnerable we believe we must take this action.

After today (Sunday 22 March), we will not be able to host anymore anonymous fellowships until these restrictions are lifted. We recommend you to visit the AA page on responding to the coronavirus outbreak which has lots of ideas as to how to offer support at this time. The link is . The national helpline for AA is 0800 9177 650 and calls are free. You can also email

The helpline for NA is 0300 9991212 and it is available from 10 am to midnight. Advice for NA groups during this time is available here – .

For Al Anon the Helpline is 0800 0086 811 and is available from 10 am to 10 pm. Further advice to Al Anon groups is available here –

For Fam Anon the national helpline is 0207 4984 680 .

GA offer nationally an online live chatroom at

OA’s website is

SA have a 24 hr helpline which is 0300 1117777. Support is available through their website

SLAA offer support through their website at

Cruse Bereavement Care are currently offering telephone and online support but no face to face meetings. Please visit

We are asking the Palace Gate Counselling Service to also now transition to online or telephone support. Their contact details can be found at

Dove Cafe is closed until further notice. We will be there this Tuesday to provide our regulars who come with further information about where to find support at this time. Our chaplains are also willing to offer telephone support to those who will miss the contact that Dove Cafe gives them. If you want to leave us your contact details, please ring 01392 211132.

All other groups and activities are suspended for the time being.

Being distant from each other is not our way but we now need to do this to care for one another. Please keep in touch and think of one another. We will be praying for you and thinking of you all – you can still leave us prayer messages. Send them to or ring them to 01392 211132. If you find yourself without anyone to listen to you through this time do get in touch with our chaplains using the details above.

We will all miss each other, especially the support and friendship we find together, but we pray that we will all come through this and soon be back together at our much-loved Centre.

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