July 11

Dove Church on 26 July



The Servant King is the theme of Dove Church at the Palace Gate Centre in July. It will be a little later this month – it will be at 7 pm on Thursday 26 July. We continue to reflect on the life of Jesus and especially how we understand his death and resurrection.

The cross was a symbol that was imposed upon Jesus by the state; a symbol that Jesus chose to represent him giving himself was the towel and the basin when he washed his disciple’s feet. Here Jesus shows himself to be the servant king, kneeling in humility to express God’s incredible love for us. At July’s Dove Church we will reflect on Jesus washing the feet of his disciples to see what it tells us about Jesus and the life he gives.

Dove Church meets monthly in the Lower Hall of the Palace Gate Centre – it is a different way of doing church run by South Street Baptist Church in central Exeter. We meet around tables and have a shared meal – contemporary prayers are woven into it. Instead of a sermon, we reflect together on a passage from the Bible. We also suggest situations or people we would like to pray for.

All are welcome.

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