May 20

Dove Church – the king’s blessing



Dove Church this month is on Thursday 23 May starting at 7 pm in the Lower Hall of the Palace Gate Centre, Please come in off Palace Gate.
We are currently looking at some of the songs (Psalms) in the Bible and seeing what we can learn about God from them. This month we look at Psalm 72 which is all about how a king should behave. The Bible states that a king should be a blessing to his people and concerned about the poor. What does this psalm teach us about Jesus?
Dove Church is a different way of doing church – we don’t sing and we don’t sit in straight lines. We gather around a meal table and share food together cooked for us here. We break bread together and share in a contemporary liturgy. Instead of a sermon, we discuss the passage we are thinking about.
Dove Church seeks to be a safe space where anyone can explore faith and ask questions. Together, we seek to learn more about Jesus and the life he gives. We make no charge for the meal, but invite those who come to donate towards the cost of the food.
Please note that Dove Church in June will be at 7 pm on Thursday 27 June – our theme will be the Spirit of God.

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