Dove Church

Dove Church is a more informal and participatory way of doing church. Currently it meets once a month in the Lower Hall of the Palace Gate Centre, normally on the third Thursday evening in the month. It aims to help us develop an inclusive and open Christian community in which together we seek to discern who Jesus is for us now and how we follow him in today’s world.​​​

The service begins at 7 pm and lasts for about two hours. It is based around a shared meal, beginning with the lighting of candles to express the presence of Jesus with us. Bread is freshly baked in the Centre kitchen for the meal and the breaking of this bread acts as our thanksgiving for the food.​

We follow a contemporary liturgy for Dove Church, which enables us all to take part as we wish to. No sermon is given; instead a Bible passage is read and introduced before we discuss it around our tables. Before dessert, we pray for those we know to be in need and close with a blessing.​​

All are welcome to come along to Dove Church and join with us in the adventure of faith inspired by Jesus. If you would like to know more about Dove Church, please ring or email one of the Centre chaplains. Dove Church also has its own Facebook page.

At Dove Church, we don’t sit in rows but around tables of about 6 to 8 people. Our emphasis is on growing as a community of people who are seeking to discern how we follow Jesus today. We don’t listen to just one voice but all have chance to participate if we wish to. Within the words of Dove Church, we share the light of Christ by lighting candles and remember the goodness of God as we break freshly baked bread.