Dove Prayer

Please note that due to COVID-19, Dove Prayers are not taking place at present. We have recorded a Dove Prayer and made it available on the South St Baptist Church YouTube channel. You can join in with it by clicking here.

Centre chaplains lead Dove Prayers each week in the church on either Tuesday at 11.45 am or Thursday at 1 pm. The Prayers last for about 15- 20 minutes and are often quite reflective. They are led by the chaplain, often with opportunity to express our own prayers, for instance through the lighting of candles. At special times of year, Dove Prayers often meets to reflect on the Christian story. People are welcome to drop into Dove Prayers as they can and to leave when they must. 

Dove Prayers now includes our monthly Celtic style service, as well as prayers for peace, for others and for our city. To see the theme of this week’s Dove Prayers, please click here for the calendar at the bottom of our church page.

Whatever your faith, all are welcome to drop into Dove Prayers.

You may like to share with us in using the following prayer for the Palace Gate Centre:

Dove of Peace,
life-giving Spirit of God,
touch the lives of each who come into this Centre
that all may find refuge under your wings of love.
In sharing our hurt
may we journey towards healing;
in sharing our vulnerability
may we find new strength;
in sharing ourselves
may we support one another;
in letting go of our burdens,
may we be able to begin again.
Glide through all offered within these walls,
that here we may find a deeper wellbeing in our lives
and the still calm of your peace,
through Jesus our Friend and Saviour.