March 18

March Dove Church – the forsaken God



Dove Church this month will be on Thursday 21 March at 7 pm in the Lower Hall of the Palace Gate Centre. We are currently looking at some of the psalms or songs of the Bible – ancient lyrics that still speak into our lives today. This month as we are in Lent we are looking at one of the most profound psalms – Psalm 22, which is a song of loss and despair. This is the song that Jesus quotes as he hangs in anguish on the cross – it expresses a sense of abandonment and hopelessness. It reflects deep despair and fear as we experience suffering and affliction. Yet the song also proclaims that though we may not sense his presence, God is with us even in our deepest despair.

Dove Church is a different way of doing church – more informal and interactive. We meet around a shared meal as we seek to grow as a community seeking to know more about Jesus. A contemporary liturgy of prayers and responses is woven around the meal and instead of a sermon, we discuss a Bible passage. Dove Church seeks to be a welcoming and inclusive space, where we can ask our questions, express any doubt we feel and seek to deepen our understanding of the way of Jesus.

Dove Church finishes around 9 pm – all are welcome to join us. If you can, let us know that you are planning to come along, especially if you have particular dietary needs. You can find out more by telephoning 01392 211132 or email

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